You could construct an airport runway

Or lay the foundation of a city

Or lay the foundation of a city

Control some very large equipment

You could build bridges

You could lay a railway line

You could dig a tunnel

You could create a harbour

Are you a VETERAN?

Thank you for your service. When you are ready to leave, we want you in the civil industry!

The best time to leave the Service is when you are truly ready, but the best way to go is to be prepared. That means doing your research about the industries you want to move into in order to see which will fit what you want to do and achieve.

Are you a former Enlisted, Non-Commissioned Officer or Commissioned Officer looking for your next career opportunity? Irrespective of what you have done in the Service, or which Service you were in, the civil construction industry is a fantastic option that should be considered.

Civil offers a hugely rewarding career that provides an environment that aligns with the way many Service people are comfortable operating.


Why is civil a great fit for veterans?

Similar Values. Huge Variety. Diverse Location. Personally Rewarding. Great Pay. Secure Future.

Similar Values:
Most of civil work is for Government customers, so the working environment is very structured and compliance focused. Does that sound familiar? This means employers highly value staff that already come with a mindset that fits that. As the saying goes – you can top up skills, but attitude is hard to adjust.

Tip: Veterans often undersell this aspect…make a point of it in applications and interviews.

Huge Variety:
Very few people enter the civil industry already knowing how to construct roads, so the industry generally trains all its people. The types of roles available varies tremendously in our industry, so no matter which Service you were in, or which role you undertook there, we will have a role that interests you and values the skills and experience you have.

To find out about the types of roles available in civil construction, and which roles best suit your own skills, experience and interests, follow our links at the bottom of this page. You can even do a Skills Audit to determine what jobs may suit you.

Diverse Locations:
There are civil contractors in every town in NSW. Unlike the Services you get to choose the town you want to live in.

Personally Rewarding:
Serving the country in the armed forces is not just a job; it is special, and brings great internal worth. You deserve to be proud of the Service you have provided the people of Australia. While not to the same level as the armed services, civil nonetheless also provides a great ‘service’ to the community. A career constructing roads, rail, water, port infrastructure brings with it gives a great sense of achievement, a sense not found in many other jobs.

Great Pay:
The industry has been in a boom for over a decade across Australia, so civil pays well above other industries including the Services. Check out the Job Wheel for an indication of the salaries for each role.

The industry is essential to the economy…there are always roads, water and rail to be worked on and we have a significant labour shortage across Australia. You will have a long-term career in civil if you want it.

Civil Projects

The civil industry is performance focused and progressive while also offering a rewarding career and sense of purpose where you can again contribute to your community.

The Transition from Service to Civilian

We get it – leaving the Service can be exciting. But is can also be scary, intimidating and confusing.

CCF NSW works with a range of Veterans bodies to make the transition as smooth as possible:

 To learn more about the CCF NSW Veterans in Civil program, call the office on (02) 9009 4000 or email